Infused Monoi Oils

Monoi is a perfumed coconut oil, made in Tahiti. I take this wonderfully moisturising and nourishing oil and infuse it with some of my favourite tropical aromas, gardenia, coffee, vanilla, tahitian basil, sandalwood and ylang-ylang among others. I also have a range of perfumed oils and aromatherapy blends available. One of my favourites is Tamanu-Calendula a blend of healing tamanu oil and soothing calendula monoi, combined with various essential oils that help to nourish sun-burnt skin.

These oils are excellent for massage, but can also be used as a simple moisturiser, applied after a hot shower. Massaging monoi into your hair before washing is a nice treat for dry or damaged hair. Monoi makes a great shaving oil, just a few drops applied to the skin instead of shaving foam will give you a really smooth shave and baby soft skin.