Monoi Soap

My handmade monoi soaps are made with a minimum of added extras; there's a touch of cocoa butter for extra richness and perfumes or essential oils to accent the infused oils' natural aroma, where necessary, otherwise it's just plain and simple monoi. I have six favourites regularly in stock, see below, but ask about my limited ranges or personalized bars (e.g. Lemongrass-tahitian basil, Coriander-Rose or geranium-vanilla). All 200g bars €2.00 + p&p:

Citrus: A bar made with our wonderfully juicy limes and lemons, it's a great kitchen soap that will help remove odours like fish and garlic. It's also a great body bar, a zesty way to wake up in the shower.
Coco-tiare : A fabulous perfume combination of Tahitian Gardenia and sultry coconut, conjuring up memories of my island home.

Plumeria: A delightful bright floral, inspired by one of my favourite garden flowers, this sweetly perfumed pink bar is an uplifting tropical treat.

 Rurutu coffee: This little bar is chock full of our own arabica coffee, a great bar for gardeners, the exfoliating coffee grinds will get the dirtiest hands clean, it also makes for an invigorating body scrub.

Vanilla: A delightfully seductive bar made with vanilla infused monoi oil, ground vanilla, vanilla essence.

Sandalwood: Made with sandalwood essential oil from sustainable plantations in New Caledonia. A sensuous and rich perfume, ideal for pampering dry hands and mature skin.